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Kitchen Baked Potato Bag With Microwave Oven

Kitchen Baked Potato Bag With Microwave Oven

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Product information:
Gifts applicable occasions: advertising promotions, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, awards commemoration
Material: Polyester Fiber
Product use:
Everyone likes delicious baked potatoes, but it takes at least 45 minutes to bake one in the oven. When you are greedy and convenient to put them in the microwave oven, they are cooked in paste and dry, which is not attractive at all.
Potato Express, you can use microwave oven to make perfect baked potatoes
The fastest is in just four minutes, which is simple and convenient.
The method is to put the potatoes into the potato bag and place them in the microwave oven. In just four minutes, you will have perfect, steaming baked potatoes.
The taste is as delicious as tender skin, and the inside is soft.
The secret is the unique insulation design, which creates a Steam Pocket for boiling perfect potatoes with the right amount of moisture.
Not too wet, not too dry, to ensure that every time the taste is tender and fluffy baked potatoes!
Popular cooking methods include potatoes, sour cream and chive, bacon and cheese, delicious chili potatoes, even broccoli and cheddar cheese. Add sugar and cotton candy to sweet potato or yam!
The potato bag can hold up to four full-sized potatoes, and the whole family can enjoy a delicious meal in four minutes!
You can add red small potatoes, cooled hard bread or corn to prepare the fastest and most delicious potato salad! Save your time.
Machine washable and reusable.
Stop wasting time baking potatoes
The operation in the microwave oven is very simple.

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Baked Potato Bag*1

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